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NIGON marks a departure from the previous Haunted Lab 9's albums in the sense that it has an overall lyrical concept and that it isn't purely instrumental. There's also an heavy presence of Alternative Rock and even Metal in some of the tracks here.
Every song is a different chapter in a story, and everything is in a sense autobiographical, but you shouldn't take it for face value. If I where you I'd use a spectrogram analyzer. Just saying... ... ...


released March 20, 2016

All songs were written, produced and performed by Luis Vilbro.




H | L | 9 Sintra, Portugal

Born out of despair and loneliness Haunted Lab 9 is a electronic music project started in 2015 by Luis Vilbro. Every album has a different sound and in each one you can find a blend of various genres.
Haunted Lab 9 is about experimentation and progression. It's a perpetual search for new perspectives and solutions - a laboratory of sound haunted by ghosts of emotions long forgotten or ignored.
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Track Name: Beloved
I’m so weak and
I'm so pathetic
Stockholm syndrome
Is what I have

But I guess I don’t Know That
But I Guess I don’t see
Anything At all

And Even If you beat Me
And Even if you kick me
I’m still running for you

And even if I’m just a cog
In your giant machine
I will always love you
My beloved queen

You treat me like a vermin
Always looking for food
I’m a consumer
Of disposable goods

But I guess i don’t know that
But i guess i don’t see
anything at all

And even if I’m just a cog
In your giant machine
I will always love you
My beloved queen
Track Name: Widow
Lately I've been thinking
About those times
We've had together
At your parents house.

Let's say I've been feeling
That you show
some odd signs
Of psychopathy

But who am i to talk?
Who am I to say
That you shouldn't behave
In a certain specific way?

It's true sometimes I think
I haven't made mistakes
Or appeared to be
Deranged in some kind of way...

Impressions come easily
But they mark us for the rest
Of our lives, unconditionally.

Let me just walk
Away from this question
And for more one night
Let me hide my confession

Everybody's eager
to talk
But nobody
wants to listen

we are lonely creatures
always connected but
never present

That's why I'm afraid
If I told what I thought
About your mental condition

That you wouldn't even listen
That you wouldn't even care

Sometimes I feel like
I'm the only one that
Feels this way

Sometimes I feel like
I'm the only one that
Thinks this way

Accepting your invitations
Is like knowing beforehand
That you will do something bad
And even so continuing

What kind of person
Will i find this time?
What kind of obsessions
And pretensions will he have?

What will i become
After living that dreadful place?
Track Name: Night Watcher
Don't forget that
I'm watching you

It's midnight
The silence,
Eternal silence...
Is always present

There are no cars
And no people about
Only me and your
Dreadful words

They echo
Echo in my head
As I walk down that
well known avenue

If there's something
Besides this feeling
Please tell me
Please help me

don't forget that
I'm watching you

I like to walk
In the middle
Of the road
But only when
I'm all alone
Track Name: A Fine Day
It’s a fine day to be inside
and look outside from the rear window
of a moving car

It’s a fine day to spend time
Reading or thinking about the past
And feeling that dreadful pain

It’s a fine day to sit by the piano
And make each note a projection
Of my unconscious mind

It’s a fine day to wallow in self pity
And forget about all the good things
I have in life

It is that plastic depression
That desire to be deep
That absorption of nature
And all that’s in it

At least I’ve got a home
But not a place I can call my own
I’m all alone
And always will be.
Track Name: Threshold
With you, living life
Can easily Become
Waiting For Time
To pass us by
Until We die

With you, there’s no
regrets For all the things
You’ve done to us all
I’ve never seen someone
So wicked like you

With you I’m stuck
In a living hell
Where you’ve put me
There’s walls all around
You and myself

With you, every emotion
That we’d ever feel would be
Squashed like it was
A parasite
In your heart
Track Name: Every Drop
This malice, this coldness
I didn’t had them in me before
But like an ocean
where the depths are always calm
I will remain buried

Somehow what I am
Will survive and arise
When the right time comes by
You can’t get out of the game
Without becoming yourself a player

You took every drop
Of blood I had in me
Track Name: Can't See, Can't Feel, Can't Tell
How long Will it take
For you to understand the truth?

Open your eyes
It’s out there
Waiting for you
Open your eyes
There’s nothing wrong
With you

How long will it take
for you to change your ways?

It’s not the world that's against you
It’s you who are
It’s not their fault the pain
you say feel but
Your understanding that makes it real

If this won’t make you see
Then I’m sure that
Nothing will

You say wanting different things
But when you see them
You don’t understand them

You think you know a lot
And that we’re in debt to you
But you don’t know anything
You’re just a grain of sand
In the beach

I can’t see and
I can’t feel and
I can’t Tell if
You’re my enemy

How long will it take
for you to change your ways?

If this won’t make you see
Then I’m sure that nothing will
Track Name: Lonely Stars
Can you please stop
Calling me all the time?
I know you are unsatisfied
We all know you're dissatisfied

Stop it with your crying
And your feeble nonsense
If I was raised to be strong
Then you should more intense

If there's anyone that can complain
in this situation
It's me cause I was brought
To this horrible stagnation

What where you thinking
When you just let it all go
For comfort and commodity?
Or numbness and stupidity?

Living in a small town
Ain't exactly easy living
When you don't have the money
Or the family always giving

But that's alright now
Everybody makes mistakes
Hell, I've made some
I've seen what it takes

But you always pretend
to be inocent
And you always try
to hide from the world

But the world ain't going
Away that easily
Cuz it won't ever be slowing
Down to treat you gently

Not everything is a monument
Now i can see reality
For what it really is
And the sky ain’t
exactly blue no more

Now i can feel the ground
That’s right beneath my feet
and i can safely say it’s solid
even though it sucks me right down

Perspective can be a blessing
If you are looking from high above
But it can also be a curse
When you can only look up

It has been granted that
through work I can climb
the tallest mountain
But, oh lord, I can’t see
the world moving...

In the night we are lonely stars
We’ve carved our own summit
They almost put us behind bars
For a crime we didn’t commit
Track Name: One Last Thing
Another night
another reckless fight
Another Door that has been shut
And kept away from my sight
And kept away from my might

I never knew where you go
When you tell me that i know
There can be no trust if there’s resentment
There can be no hope in this sentiment

There’s no point in keeping
A dead man alive
You just locked him away
Out of your sight

But that dead man
Ain’t dead yet
For he just wants to know
One last thing

Tell me where you go
Away every night
Tell me how to flow
Away from your sight

Tell me how to leave
From this damp hole
Tell me how to grieve
For my own soul

And i keep on trying
To get some answers
But i should already know
There’s nothing to be found
Now I know I’ve lost myself
In the emptiness of your soul

But now there’s nothing that i can do
To find my way back outside
Who would have said that
Depthness and Emptiness
are very much alike?

Before i lose myself further
Down your hellish spiral
I just want to know
One last thing...